• keyboard_arrow_rightAccident: should I call police?

    Many of us have a lot of things on our heads and it’s easy to have a little crash. Therefore, I will remind you the rules after the traffic accident.

    Should I call police or come to an agreement?

    Currently, there is no need to call the police for crashes, if the damage only applies to vehicles and participants can come to an agreement. As a general rule, the police should intervene after accidents, i.e. when at least one of the collision participants was injured and when the perpetrator escaped or may be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. Another situation when you should call the police is the lack of communication between the drivers.

    How to prepare a correct statement about a road accident?
    The document should contain:
    1. Detailed description of the crash.
    2. Details of participants.
    3. Vehicle data.
    4. OC policy numbers.
    5. Witness data – if they were.
    6. What damage occurred in vehicles.
    7. Signatures of the participants of the event.

    The newest regulations allow drivers to drive without a registration certificate and an OC policy. In this case, information about OC insurance is available on the website of the UFG ( In addition, you can download the application „NA WYPADEK” from the UFG website, where you can also check your current vehicle insurance.

    I recommend driving with a ready statement with you – but it’s better that it doesn’t come in handy. Be careful.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightTravel insurance

    Every time you’re going to leave Poland, don’t forget about proper travel insurance. Otherwise, the prospect of any accident will ruin your holiday. For example, if you tripped over a door threshold, twisted your finger and needed medical help, it can cost you very much without insurance…

    EKUZ card is a document that allows you to use medical assistance in public institutions in the EU. As EU citizens, we can use medical services only to the range that its citizens use it in a given country – and this can be limited. EKUZ won’t cover the costs of possible transport to Poland or treatment in private institutions.

    The most important thing in travel insurance is the level of treatment costs.This is the amount to which insurer covers medical expenses abroad. The higher sum insured, the better. You may not be aware of this, but the costs of treatment outside Poland can be very high. A stay in hospital without any treatments, can cost up to 1,000 euros per night.

    I will give you examples costs of treatment for countries with highly developed health system:
    – 200.000 PLN- will cover costs up to 60% of typical on-site events (such as a simple hand break and a runny nose),
    – 500.000 PLN PLN- will cover costs up to 90% of typical on-site incidents, e.g. the cost of submitting a complicated hand fracture, simple leg fracture or the cost of a 4-day stay in a hospital where a simple medical procedure will be performed, e.g. excision of appendicitis,
    – 800.000 PLN- will cover costs up to 98% of typical on-site events, e.g. a hospital week and an intermediate surgery, e.g. surgical intervention for intestinal inflammation or surgical folding of a broken leg; with a short stay in the hospital (up to 3-4 days), sum is enough to pay for the patient’s return to the country; after a longer stay in the hospital, 5 days and longer, covering the cost of returning the patient to the country will be no longer possible.

    You can’t protect yourself against an accident, but do your best to protect yourself against the costs of unhappy events. It is not worth saving on health and safety!

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAC – Comprehensive Cover (CC)

    Comprehensive Cover (CC) (Polish AC)

    This is voluntary insurance. You decide whether you want it, or not.
    Compare, how much the premium for the AC insurance costs, and how much would cost you a repair your car after the accident.
    For example: do you prefer to spend a thousand zlotys on AC per year or pay for a new bumper, headlights, radiator, straightening plates and fenders? What about theft? Or if someone maliciously passes you through the door with a screwdriver?
    There are many variants of such insurance on the market.

    You have a choice:
    – mini AC (only theft and total damage)
    – full AC
    – allrisk AC

    Then you choose the method of claim settlement:
    – cost estimate,
    – a network of insurer’s workshops,
    – car dealer.

    Pay attention to the so-called “own shares” – this reduces the cost of insurance, but when you get recompensation, you will have to pay extra from your own pocket (and that’s probably not the point, right?)
    Important information is if the car will be driven by a person under 25 years- if you don’t tell about it, the insurer will ask you to pay additional amount.
    Remember to provide details about your car- thanks to it, the insurer will properly value your vehicle – and you will know what amount you will get in case of theft.
    The discounts for AC insurance are collected in the same way as for OC, when you do not have a collision, the insurance costs will be lower from year to year.

    There are also cases in which it is not worth using insurance – it is better to make small scratches on your own than to lose discounts and pay more for insurance. Sometimes it’s worth asking your broker about it.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightOC (TPL) insurance

    Insurance tips for expats #1

    OC (TPL) insurance is obligatory in Poland. You must have insurance – even if you aren’t going to drive. The insurance is valid for a minimum of one year, after which the policy will automatically continue (unless you formally withdraw from the agreement).

    The longer you have an insurance history (without an accident), the cheaper the OC Insurance will be. Your insurance history is attached to your pesel number – so it’s worth getting a pesel first.

    When you have your pesel number, notify your insurer and ask them to update the information on their database.

    When you buy a car in Poland, notify the current insurer as soon as possible by telephone or email. You will need a copy of your purchase agreement and current insurance.

    Remember that the insurer can recalculate the premium and may request additional payment. You can terminate such a contract at any time. You will pay only from the moment of purchase to the date of the contract’s termination.

    Some insurers accept insurance history from other countries.

    The OC insurance you have received from the seller will not be extended automatically. Remember the end date!